Sunday, May 07, 2006

Robert Salita & Lara Croft: Paris Networking Cocktail Wed 10 May.Lara Croft Gallery Visit. New Gadgets: Robert Salita, Computer Software Developer

Robert Salita and Lara Croft

Downstairs. Upstairs.

This week there are two fun events in the same evening:

Cocktails in the Ile St Louis Gallery DOWNSTAIRS in Patricia’s Building (Galerie Arludik: Lara Croft, original designs and synthetic images from her films exhibit). Then UPSTAIRS, we will have a talk on new fun and internet gadgets with Robert Salita, Computer Software Developer. Networking. Plat du Jour.

Photos of these events:

Lara Croft

a href="">Gadgets

Every Wednesday: The Ultimate Networking Opportunity. Great Food And Wine. Conviviality. Speaker After the Cocktail. You Always Meet New And Interesting People!


Wednesday 10 May

Lara Croft Cocktail in the Gallery Downstairs (We meet there). Upstairs:

Our guest of honor :

Robert Salita
Computer Software Designer

"Travelling Around The World And Taking Your Professional Life With You: How To Work, Travel, and Play Better Through Gadgets (Part 2 – more new gadgets)"

Robert Salita will discuss and demonstrate electronic gadgets that have enabled him to become a full-time world traveller without leaving his office behind. The gadgets will include devices that enhance productivity, communicate, photograph, entertain and educate.

From Robert Salita:

My name is Robert Salita and I am a gadgetholic. I frequent gadget websites, google reviews, and make dream lists of gadgets. When not surfing for gadgets, I write gadget reviews. I am now ranked one of the top 5,000 Amazon reviewers, out of 500,000 participants. I am a regular poster of messages in Internet gadget forums. I was born in Chicago where I've lived most of my life. I have a BA in Computer Science from SIU - Carbondale. I've been a self employed computer software developer since 1977. The availability of the Internet has allowed me to work anywhere in the world -- and so I do. For the past 3 years, I've been continuously travelling the world. I mostly live in Paris, around 3 months a year. Other yearly destinations include Chicago, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego and Sydney.

(Please bring a pen and paper for note taking.)

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