Monday, December 17, 2007

Paris Networking Cocktail Chez Patricia: AMERICAN RACIAL DYNAMICS. Weds 28 Nov At 18h45‏

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PARIS NETWORKING COCKTAIL (PNC) is this WEDNESDAY 28 November at 18h45. Visit:


  • The Ultimate Social Networking Opportunity. Great Food And Wine. Conviviality. Meet Other Nice People Who Have Things In Common With You. Speaker in English After the Cocktail. You Always Meet New And Interesting People!


    Wednesay 28 November at 18h45 . Paris Networking Cocktail (PNC): Cocktail,
    Presentation, Plat du Jour, More Great Socializing.

    Our Guest Of Honor:

    China Clark
    Artist, Writer and Philosopher

    "The Origins Of American Racial Dynamics"

    China is the Author of "American Racial Essentialism", which analyzes and interfaces with contemporary culture. An exciting evening indeed!

    Contact Patricia for Reservations WITH YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER PLEASE: 01 43 26 12 88.

    Weds 12 December PNC: Special Guest is Alison Edge, Consultant and Strategist. "Change. Adapting." Adjusting to life in France. (Rescheduled from 21/11 due to complications from the STRIKE)


    Chez Patricia: 13 rue de Mulhouse, 75002 Paris. Metro: Sentier (line 3). Take the rue des Petits Carreaux exit (very important). Cross rue Reamur. The street on the left should be rue des Petits Carreaux. Walk 2 blocks up on rue des Petits Carreaux. You’ll face an HSBC branch . (There’s CafĂ© HonorĂ© on the right). That’s rue de Clery. Make a short left (30 seconds) onto rue de Clery and then immediately a right onto rue de Mulhouse. There's also Les Halles, Reaumur Sebastopol and Bonnes Nouvelles. (Map on website: directions:

    Participation: EUR 15. Great food and wine.


    Paris Soirees Dinners Every Sunday At 18h45

    Sunday 9 December 18h45. Historian W.Scott Haine, a great specialist about Paris Cafes will speak of his new book "Culture and Customs of France". He will also discuss his new Paris Cafe book in progress. Scott is also the author of "The World of the Paris Cafe: Sociability among the French Working Class, 1789-1914. You'll learn a lot about a Paris institution that you take for granted: the cafe. Highly entertaining! EUR 20. Reserve at

    Weds 5 December At 18h45: Paris Soirees: PARIS SINGLES APERITIF . EUR 15. Reserve with Patricia WITH YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER PLEASE: 43 26 12 88 A joint event with Paris Networking Cocktail.

    NOW EVERY 2 WEEKS! Sat 8 Dec14h00 - 17h00: Learn How To Feel Your Best. Special Event: Auto-Massage Afternoon: Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop presented by Earl Ferguson, a gymnastics and motion fitness coach for more than 30 years, studying and practicing traditional chinese medicine for over 12 years. Earl will teach auto-massage techniques. Hard to describe. Like learning self acupuncture massage techniques and theories. EUR 30 for 3 intense hours. Mind expanding. You feel great afterwards. Chez Patricia's. Reserve at

    The following workshop is Saturday 22 December At 14h00. Chez Patricia.

    Patricia's Profiles:

    Patricia writes on being an Expat:

    "... As the years went by, I also realized that the feeling of being foreign and other, transcends even race. You are not part of their (French) culture. It doesn't matter who you are or of what origin you are. You're either French (in your head and behavior), or not. When I began to see that, I began to identify myself as an expat. The sum of being an American who lives in Paris, an African-American trying to find roots here, minus not being French - but seeing life internationally - on a large scale and permanently, equals my personal experience of being an expat."