Monday, May 01, 2006

Elizabeth Dewberry's Princess Diana Inspired Novel: HIS LOVELY WIFE: Paris Soirees Dinner Sunday 7 May At 18h30


This Sunday 7 May At 18h30.

Our Guest Of Honor:

Novelist and Playwright

From the novel:

…Ellen begins to hear Diana’s voice in her head, expressing unspeakable thoughts:

"People were always taking pictures of me, but every photo was taken because I was the Princess of Wales, not because I was Diana. Everywhere I went, I went because I was married to Prince Charles, people reacted to me because of that. But I knew I’d taken on a role, and I didn‘t want to let anyone down, so every morning I’d go through the papers and study the pictures, trying to figure out who the Princess of Wales was. When the media praised her for being something I wasn’t, I tried to become that, and when the media praised her for being something I was nit, I tried to become that, and when they criticized her for not being what I thought I was: self-doubt all over the place…I was the most photographed woman in the world but ninety-nine percent of these images are lies."

Amy Tan wrote:

"...With the beauty of language and nuance of gestures, she captures the unspoken yet profoundest truths between husband and wife. I predict HIS LOVELY WIFE will find a huge audience and grab those lucky readers by the heart."

Elizabeth Dewberry is the author of three previous novels, including SACRAMENT OF LIES. Her plays have been produced in a variety of venues. She lives in Tallahasee, Florida with her husband, Robert Olen Butler.

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