Sunday, May 21, 2006

Paris Networking Cocktail. Michele Haines: French Ex-Pat Chef/Restaurant/Gallery Owner, Photographer, Author, Humanitarian. TUESDAY 23 May at 18h30

How A French Ex-Pat Made It In America!

French Ex-Pat Michele Haines Is a Successful Restaurant And Gallery Owner, Photogaher, And Humanitarian In The US. She’ll Share Some Of The Secrets Of Her Success

TUESDAY!We’ll sample Michele’s Pate, Foie Gras, Success Stories, Photos: A purely pleasurable evening. Perfect before a Holiday!

The Ultimate Networking Opportunity. Great Food And Wine. Conviviality. Speaker After the Cocktail. You Always Meet New And Interesting People!

AND Michel Kurcfeld will interview ex-pats.


TUESDAY 23 May (Exceptional Date due to Holiday 25 May)

Our guest of honor:

Michele Haines
French Ex-Pat, Chef, Restaurant and Gallery Owner, Photographer, World Traveller, Humanitarian

There are so many facets to Michele, that it’s hard to narrow it down to an evening.

This TUESDAY, we’ll focus on her skills as a French chef and her success story as a restaurant and gallery owner in the US.

We’ll sample her pates and foie gras, and look at some of her travel photos.

Afterwards, we’ll have a plat du jour.

Michele is the owner of the Spring Mill Cafe and Gallery just outside of Philadelphia.

ALSO TV: Michael Kurcfeld, Los Angeles independent TV producer: Documentary - DVDs and
TV segments, is gathering material for a TV pilot about American Ex-pats. who have created vital and unique lives abroad. He wants to meet you.

A Great and varied evening!

(This week we’re one day early on TUESDAY because of the French holiday on Thursday May 25th)

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