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UPDATE:“GOOD MORNING CREATIVITY!” CREATIVITY IN LIFE. BUSINESS. SOCIETY. Petronela (Eviakova) Zainuddin, CEO & Creativity Pioneer. Patricia's Paris Expats Soirees Dinners. Sun 9 March 2014. 19h00

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Happy Hour. Petronela's Interactive Presentation..Dinner During The Talk. Dessert. More Great Socializing.

Sunday 9 March 2014

19h00 - 22h30ish

Our Guest Of Honor

Petronela (Eviakova) Zainuddin
CEO. Creativity Pioneer. Founder Of "Good Morning Creavity"

It'll Be Interactive And Fun!


Today society needs people who can think creatively, who create innovative ideas, go beyond the apparent boundaries and are able to see old problems from a new perspective. Businesses need these people too.

The problem is, we are currently facing a global creativity gap! A study released in 2012 (Adobe® Global Benchmark Study) revealed that only 1 in 4 people believe they are living up to their own creative potential.


Petronela is a creativity expert, speaker and founder of Good Morning Creativity - an award winning education start-up. A Slovak expatriate living in Paris for 9 years, she decided to democratize creative thinking in business and education. She designs and delivers CREATIVITY SPARKLING programs for international groups, corporations universities and business schools all over Europe. With 11 years experience in international facilitation, she has led seminars and learning projects in 12 different.countries. She has a visual blog called '365 Creativity Facilitators' and is one of the co-authors of the forthcoming: 'My Paris Story - Living, Loving and Leaping without a net' book that is coming to bookshops this April. We hope that she will share “My Paris Story...” with us too. What a great title. Sounds like it will bea must read.


John Pearce, who has presented his novel Treasure of Saint-Lazare twice at our Sunday soirées, profiled Patricia in his blog. You can read it here:

Address: In uur friend's trendy and fun 16th arrondisement apartment. Metro: Jasmin (ligne 9)! We'll confirm the exact address with the reservation.)!

It's €25.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun dinner. Free-flowing wine.

Reserve on with your telephone number,please. NO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE.

A fun dinner during the talk, A great topic and meeting, fun new international people

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Sunday 16 March 2014. 19h00: Special Guest To Be Announced. Reserve On

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