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UPDATE: The Art Of Modern Mime: Bernadette Plageman. Celebrated Paris Mime Performer. Former Philadelphian. World Traveler. And You And Me! It’s Interactive And Fun. (We’ll Learn Mime Moves Too) Patricia's Paris Expats Soirees Dinners. Sun 23 March 2014. (Rescheduled From 16 March)

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Looking For Ongoing Soiree Locations.








Happy Hour. Bernadette's Interactive Presentation. Dinner During The Talk. Dessert. More Great Socializing.



Sunday 23 March 2014

19h00 - 22h30ish

Our Guest Of Honor

Bernadette Plageman
Celebrated Mime Performer

It'll Be Interactive And Fun!


Bernadette Plageman got interested in mime just before reaching the age of three. From then on, she would carefully observe every adult in her surroundings until she could decipher from the outside, who they were in the inside. In this universal language of gestures and expressions that crosses over every border and brings down barriers, she came to realize how much there is to "say" and explore.

Originally from Philadelphia, Bernadette went to Paris to study with the great mime masters of the time. Traveling back and forth between both cities, she also spent some time in New York, performing and studying at The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and at The American Academy of Dramatic Art. Here in Paris, she has written two theses at the Sorbonne, one on Etienne Decroux's School, the father of Modern Mime, and another on Buster Keaton, the Mime. Performing mime internationally and creating original mime pieces, has led her to stage Mime Plays for humaitarian causes.

Bernadette Plageman will perform a selection of excerpts from her repertoire, which includes over twenty major mime shows. A short excerpt from her film “Le Mime autrement” will be screened, showing computer technology interplaying with Mime.

From Patricia: It’s interactive. You and I will learn a few mime techniques (moves) too!


John Pearce, who has presented his novel Treasure of Saint-Lazare twice at our Sunday soirées, profiled Patricia in his blog. You can read it here:

Address: In our friend's fun loft in the center of Paris at metro Chateau d’Eau ( ligne 4). A one minute walk from the metro. We'll confirm the exact address with the reservation.

It's €25.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun dinner. Free-flowing wine.

Reserve on with your telephone number,please. NO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE.

A fun dinner during the talk, A great topic and meeting, fun new international people


Sunday 30 March 2014. 19h00: ” IF YOU THINK YOU CAN CONQUER THE FRENCH JOB MARKET WITH ANGLO-SAXON METHODS…THINK AGAIN!”Arnaud Bunel, Business Coach. V.P. International Sales (Staffing Industry) Founding Director FTBC Business Consulting (French Touch Business Consulting). Reserve On

Sunday 6 April 2014. 19h00:  Lisa Handley: “Intention Is As Real A Force As Gravity" - How Your Thoughts Shape Your World, Literally." 
Life Facilitator (Specialized In The Demartini Method)


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