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UPDATE: Paris Stories: The Tradition Of African-American Artists And Intellectuals In Paris. M. Paul Sinclair: Art Collector. Cultural Expert. Patricia’s Paris Expats Soirees Dinner. Sun 20 Jan. 19h00.

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"Paris Stories: The Tradition Of African-American Artists And Intellectuals In Paris"


For Expats Of All Origins. French. Visitors (All Ages).

Sunday 20 January 2013
19h00 - 22h30ish

Happy Hour. Paul's Presentation. Dinner and Dessert. More Great Socializing.

Our Guest Of Honor:

M. Paul Sinclair
Art Collector. Cultural Expert

FROM PAUL "For the African American intellectual and artistic mind, Paris has long been the center of aesthetics, beauty, and intellectual stimulation. More importantly for the African American in Paris, is the sense that you are left alone...The heart of exiled black consciousness in Paris continues to beat - the thoughts of James Baldwin, the feelings of Richard Wright, the angst of Chester Himes, and the poignancy of Ralph Ellison. "

ABOUT PAUL: M. Paul Sinclair, MBA, is a Kingston Jamaica native with a background in New York, Kingston, London, Oxford, and Paris.  Paul is an art collector, art promoter, a writer and roving blogger with special emphasis on the African American legacy in Paris since the mid 1800s.  Paul has spent over 22 years in corporate and business finance in both Europe and the United States for such companies as American Express, Honeywell, and Apple Computers, where he was a Paris-based Business Controller based for 16 countries in EMEA.  After twelve years in Paris, Paul returned to New York in 2006 where he worked as Vice President of Finance and Chief Compliance Officer for tech consultancy Volt Information Science and then for L’Oreal USA as Director Finance.  

PAUL AND PARISSOIREES: Paul is an alumni and friend of Paris Soirees, where he met then newly arriving painter Ealy Mays in 1998. Paul became a collector. The two became friends, and some 15 years later, Paul has left the corporate world to pursue his passion for writing and historical documentation, and to dedicate his time to ensuring his friend Ealy Mays’ place in Paris legacy, while developing content stories on individual achievements of key African American artists, writers and intellectuals in Paris and throughout France, since the days of Alexandre Dumas.

Please visit:

Address: A COOL, exotic venue with great food in the heart of the Latin Quarter!

It's €24.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun gourmet dinner at one of our favorite, upbeat restaurants in the Latin Quarter, m° Cluny La - Sorbonne. A fun dinner and free-flowing wine. We'll confirm the address with the reservation.



MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Sunday 27 January At 19h00. Special Guest Is Canadian Criminal Attorney and Best-Selling Author Robert Rotenberg On His Thriller, "Stray Bullets." Reserve on No Text Messages Please.

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