Thursday, July 26, 2007

Paris Soirees Chez Patricia:Paris. International Expats.Migration. Media. Sun 29 July At 18h30

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Just to let you know who the speaker will be this Sunday 29 July

An Interactive Evening With Erika Polson on:

"Paris And International Expats: Connected, But To What? Migration And Media In A Global Age".

I'll will be sending out a complete notice later on. All the best. Patricia

It's 20 Euros. Reserve with Patricia. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER: /01 43 26 12 88

Next Week's PNC. Thursday 2 August . This time on THURSDAY. Patricia will celebrate the 24th anniversary of her arrival in Paris. Special Guest to be announced 01 43 26 12 88

Friday 3 August . Paris Soirees: PARIS SINGLES APERITIF from 18h30 - 20h30. 43 26 12 88

Patricia's profiles:

Patricia writes on being an Expat:

"... As the years went by, I also realized that the feeling of being foreign and other, transcends even race. You are not a part of their (French) culture. It doesn't matter who you are or of what origin you are. You're either French (in your head and behavior), or not. When I began to see that, I began to identify myself as an expat. The sum of being an American who lives in Paris, an African-American trying to find roots here, minus not being French - but seeing life internationally - on a large scale and permanently, equals my personal experience of being an expat."

Patricia Laplante-Collins
13, rue de Mulhouse,
75002 Paris, France
Tel: 33 1 43 26 12 88

(Photos and descriptions of some Soirees. A good way to see what goes on.)

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