Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Paris Networking Cocktail: Julie Vetter And Tom Byrne. The Art And Business Of Websites. Weds 28 June At 18h30.

The Ultimate Networking Opportunity. Great Food And Wine. Conviviality. Speaker After the Cocktail. You Always Meet New And Interesting People!

Wednesday 28 June At 18h30:

Julie Vetter, Web Site Help - http://askjv.info
Tom Byrne, Artist. Web Site Artistic Conception – arty@tombyrne.com

The Art And Business of Web Sites.

What are successful site owners doing in terms of design, function and marketing? How do you get the results you intend? Can a person maintain a site without technical expertise? What standards should a site meet and what should it cost?

Julie Vetter is a web site coach and former manager of the web site division of a California ISP who now works independently from Paris. She relishes the triple junction of artists, computing and business that web sites cause -- a clash of worlds whose successful fusion can result in a modern work of art and a profitable Internet presence. web site: http://askjv.info

As Julie says there are two very distinct sides to web site design. It's like the two different sides of the human brain. The art side is the creation of the atmosphere which communicates the core of the message to the viewers subconscious rather than conscious mind. This is the only way for a message to be truly received and taken on board when combined with the written message.
Tom Byrne has been a painter, illustrator and sculptor for over 20 years. Since coming to Paris he has changed tack slightly and moved into Trompe L'oeil also. His clients in Paris include Laurent Taieb the french restauranteur. He continues to do illustrations for Irish clients and has just completed SKY channels new national outdoor advertising campaign in Ireland.

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