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CAFE LIFE: PARIS. Cultural Historians Christine & Dennis.Graf. W. Scott Haine. Paris Soirees Dinner Sunday 11 June At 18h30

The Culture of Paris through Café Life.

This Sunday 11 June At 18h30.

Our Guests Of Honor:

Dennis & Christine Graf, W. Scott Haine, French Cultural Historians

Café Life: Paris

Christine Graf wrote "The Cafes of Paris". she and Dennis wrote "Paris by Bistro" together.


In an article written for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Anne Gillespie Lewis noted the Christine Graf description of the cafe-bar Lou Pascalou:

Using a mix of history, gossip, personal observation, and guidebook information, Christine Graf has done travellers a great favor with this charming guide... filled with sparkling little sequins of history and quotes from famous cafe habitues... One afternoon in a cafe gives you more of a sense of the city than visiting a dozen museums. —Los Angeles Times, on Graf's first book The Cafes of Paris.

Lou Pascalou is a bar off Menilmontant. It's also a joyous romp into the past. To get here you'll have to walk down Boulevard Menilmontant, a lively and untidy street lined with all sorts of ethnic restaurants. Ordinary people live here. Dogs bark. Children cry. Old ladies lug their packages out of the Arab grocery across the street. There is a life and a vitality here, even late at night, that you can't find in the more exclusive parts of Paris.

In their new book, Cafe Life Paris, the Grafs describe cafes in several categories. Some of the categories or themes are Great and Glamorous Places, a chapter about the legendary cafes that are as significant in Paris life as any monument; Legends of Literature and Art, including the cafe where you could once see Picasso sitting with Dora Maar, and Neighborhood Cafes like the one in the 11th where circus artists still stop by.

Paris By Bistro:

In her article Anne Gillespie Lewis pointed out that the book is more than a collection of reviews. The Grafs look at bistros in many other dimensions: by location and interest (those that attracted African-American artists, or the powerful, for example). If you're making a pilgrimage to Paris to follow in the footsteps of Hemingway and other literary lions, the Grafs book will tell you where they ate. (Hemingway wrote much of The Sun Also Rises at the bar at Closerie des Lilas, where at one point F. Scott Fitzgerald gave him the manscript of his new novel, The Great Gatsby.)

The Christine and Dennis Graf and W. Scott Haine books :are available at W.H. Smith’s, Brentano's, The Red Wheelbarrow and other English language bookstores in Paris. Click on the link to see Patricia’s favorite café: Café Marly:


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Exhibition:Visit Jan Hanson’s Photo Exhibition: Vive La Photo Exhibition. June 1 - 24, Les Fous de L'Ile, 33 rue des Dex Ponts, 75004 Paris, M° Pont-Marie.

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