Tuesday, February 14, 2017

“The Power Of Music To Impact Multiculturalism." Shugga Rosenbloom: Vocalist, Educator, Actress. Tom McKenzie, Jazz Bassist. Patricia’s Paris Expat Soirées And Dinners. 19 February 2017. 19h15. (Paris Expat Soirée Dinner. Meet New People)

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Sunday 19 February 2017 at 19h15

(Paris Expat Soirée Dinner. Meet New People)

"The Power Of Music To Impact Multiculturalism"

Our Special Guests Are:

Shugga Rosenbloom
Vocalist, Educator, Actress

Tom McKenzie

Jazz, Pop


Shugga Rosenbloom is a vocal stylist of Jazz,  Blues and Gospel here in Paris. She has also performed as a Stand-up Comedian,
Dancer and Actress on the stage and in film and television.

Shugga is also an educator who teaches and has taught music, performance arts, creative writing and English since arriving in Paris several years ago.

She was grounded in the Gospel Tradition and began her training in classical music with her Mother. She enjoys paintingand sculpture
and sharing her talent with children, especially children with special needs.

Shugga Rosenbloom will share with us ways in which she uses teaching to promote multiculturalism,
  especially in the fields of Jazz, Blues and Gospel.

Address: At a trendy and fun new venue - a French bistro in the Marais -  just behind BHV. at the metro
Hotel de Ville (ligne 1).

GREAT FRENCH BISTRO FOOD. We'll confirm the exact address details with the reservation!

It's €25.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun dinner. NEW FORMULA: Dinner is two wonderful courses
and includes a glass or two of wine.

All additional beverages must be ordered from and paid for directly to the bistro.

A fun dinner, a great topic, meeting and networking with, fun, new international people.

Reserve on parissoirees@gmail.com WITH YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER PLEASE


Mark Your Calendar. 

Sunday 26 February 2017. 19h15: Special Guest to be announced. 

Reserve on  parissoirees@gmail.com

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