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"Who Does It Better? CLINTON OR TRUMP?" 5 Powerful Marketing Lessons From The 2016 Presidential Race. Beco Lichtman of B. L. Marketing. Jazz Bassist Tom McKenzie. Patricia's Paris Expat Soirées And Dinners. Sun 11 September 2016. 19h15

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 "Who Does It Better? CLINTON OR TRUMP?" 5 Powerful Marketing Lessons From The 2016 Presidential Race Presidential Race.

Special Guests Are:

  Beco Lichtman
Principal, B.L. Marketing

Tom McKenzie

(Jazz. Standards. Pop)


Who's better at marketing - Clinton or Trump? The 2016 Presidential Race is one of the most contentious in recent US history,
ane the world is watching. Some argue that the better marketer will prevail, not the best candidate.

Beco will lead a discussion about the most powerful marketing lessons we can learn
from both Presidential campaigns. Don't miss this lively discussion.

Beco Lichtman is Principal of BL Marketing, a Paris-based marketing company for brands in beauty & fashion,
food & beverage and travel & hospitality.

His career began in beauty and fashion, working in New York and Washington DC,meeting your customers
and making an emotional connection with the people driven by trends in the lifestyle sector. 

This early experience in contact with people who enjoy luxury, helped Beco develop his insight and instincts for
what moves people to buy with these brands.

After living for nearly seven years in Madrid, London and Paris, Beco went on to earn an MBA and then to be
an adjunct professor of marketing, educating the next generation of business leaders.

He is an inspiring speaker and educator; he uses his empathy, his understanding of human emotion,
to stir in people a drive to succeed. 

Beco’s intelligent and detailed grasp of marketing theory,
mixed with his in-house experience, makes his insight sharp and unique.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Beco is the foremost expert in marketing lifestyle brands. 
He connects emotionally with your clients, draws them in to love your brand, to be part of your culture and then to
drive up your profits. He is an educator, an inspirer, a marketer, who understands the desires and intentions of your customers,
which converts prospects to sales.

Beco offers an inspiring perspective on how to capture the heart, and the wallet, of your customer. 
With his experience in speaking, Beco continually shapes his message to represent the best of what he knows. 

He laces his insights will real stories and much humor;
his audience will leave with a sense that they know what they need to do to impact on your company or personal brand. 

Please visit: www.becolichtman.com


Says Tom about his instrument:

"La Contrebasse.  La Grand-mère.  String bass.  Bass fiddle.  Double bass.  Bull bass.  Bass viol.  

She is called by many names and her function in any musical ensemble is to, "basically", lay down the groove:
provide the bottom (base) of the harmony and rhythm. 

But, her melodic range is broad, and she can sing you to tears as well as make you feel that thump in your rump."
Tom McKenzie is originally from New York and has had an international career for 30 plus years playing in a wide variety of venues:
churches, theatres, concerts, festivals, recording studios. He has also been a street musician.

He has worked in the US, Europe Africa and the Caribbean.

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A fun dinner, a great topic, meeting and networking with, fun, new international people.
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Sunday 18 September 2016. 19h15: "Frank Sinatra And The Rat Pack In Las Vegas."
Former Sands Hotel Casino Boss Ed Walters. Great Nostalgia. The Golden Age Of The 1960s.
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