Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"A Little Night Music.Celebrating Summer In Paris." Angelique: Vocalist And Songwriter. Tom McKenzie: Bassist. Patricia's Paris Expat Soirées And Dinners. Sun 17 July 2016. A Fun Bistro In The Marais.

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(Expat Soirée Dinner. Meet New People)



Sunday 17 July 2016 at 19h15

"A Little  Night Music.Celebrating Summer In Paris "

Our Special Guests Are:

Tom McKenzie: Bassist
(Standards. Jazz. Pop.)

Angelique:  Vocalist.  Songwriter

"A Summer In Paris"

Like a Summer in Paris, ... at night
Far away from all my worries, ... I can live again
Far away from the cold, I run away .... to Paris

(Lyrics by Anggun)


Multi-lingual singer-songwriter Angélique Music has been making music as long as she can remember. She has memories of standing on stage at the age
of four singing at the top of her lungs while enjoying the applause of her kindergarten class.

Graduating college at the age of 19 with a degree in French in addition to minors in Music and Spanish, Angélique Music has achieved amazing success
as an independent artist due to her “Neo Soul with a Touch of Funk” music being embraced by over 10,000 fans and hundreds of radio stations.

Her soulful voice and live performances are passionate, and she has played just about every imaginable venue --from amphitheaters to community
theaters, festivals to churches; from sidewalk cafes to busking along the Seine in Paris and from the House of Blues to numerous international music
events in places like France, Japan, London, and Australia.


Says Tom about his instrument:

"La Contrebasse.  La Grand-mère.  String bass.  Bass fiddle.  Double bass.  Bull bass.  Bass viol.  

She is called by many names and her function in any musical ensemble is to, "basically", lay down the groove: provide the bottom (base) of the harmony and rhythm. 

But, her melodic range is broad, and she can sing you to tears as well as make you feel that thump in your rump."
Tom McKenzie is originally from New York and has had an international career for 30 plus years playing in a wide variety of venues: churches, theatres, concerts, festivals, recording studios. He has also been a street musician. He has worked in the US, Europe Africa and the Caribbean.

Address: At a fun new venue - a French Bistro -  in the Marais just behind BHV at the metro Hotel de Ville. GREAT FRENCH FOOD. Address details with the reservation.

It's €25.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun dinner.NEW FORMULA: Dinner is two courses and includes a glass of wine. All additional beverages must be ordered from and paid for directly to the bistro.
A fun dinner, a great topic, meeting and networking with, fun, new international people.
Reserve on parissoirees@gmail.com WITH YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER PLEASE


Mark Your Calendar. 

Sunday 24 July 2016. 19h15: Special Guest is Kemi Bennings, Producer, Writer/Poet, Creative Director,
Cultural Curator, Arts Activist And CEO of Evolve! Artists Live.  Reserve on  parissoirees@gmail.com

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