Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Get Out Of The Survival Mode And Live The Life You Really Want." This Is The Philosophy Of Author, Entrepreneur And Attorney Wani Iris Manly. This Evening Is On Wani Creating Her New Parisian Life. Patricia's Paris Expats Soirées And Dinners. Sun 29 November 2015. 19h15

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Sunday 29 January 2015 at 19h15

"Get Out Of The Survival Mode And Live The Life You Really Want."

Special guest is Wani Iris Manly, Esq. an American-Liberian writer and corporate and securities lawyer living in Paris

PARIS: Wani moved to Paris in 2012 from Miami after purely receiving signs over the course of a year, without knowing anyone in France, not speaking a word of French, and hating the cold. But she believed, Audrey Hepburn’s quote:”Paris is always a good idea.” She expresses herself creatively through writing, speaking and following her curiosity.

In addition to being a writer, Wani is also a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the principal of W. Manly, P.A., a boutique corporate and securities law firm, which she started in 2006, working with a client base of publicly trading corporations.

INSPIRATION: Wani’s  life is about inspiration. It’s what she eats, thinks, breathes and lives for. She lives an uninhibited life without compromise while adding value to the world. She is enthused and passionate about helping others to live a similar and meaningful life of joy, inspiration and adventure. She is an avid Bikram Yoga practitioner and practices daily.

You can find Wani living the Parisienne life in one of many Paris cafes, or exploring every square inch of Paris, which she now calls home.

TRAVEL: For Wani, life is not complete without adventurous travel and all the magic it brings. Every time she gets on a plane, something magical happens. She is well known for her last minute trips just because her inner voice spoke and said, “Go there now.” Wani’s thirst and hunger for freedom and adventure also guides her every move. She always goes off the beaten path and loves it.

When Wani is not traveling, practicing law, writing her next book or indulging in all things French and beyond, you can find her on the dance floor dancing as if no one is watching and as if everybody is watching.

ENLIGHTENMENT:She is also a seeker of enlightenment and and to that end, you can always find Wani in stillness and meditation, an integral practice of her spiritual journey and everyday life.

For more information about Wani Iris Manly, follow her continuing adventures on www.wanimanly.com.

Address: At a fun and trendy apartment in the Marais at Hotel de Ville/Chatelet. We'll confirm the exact address details with the reservation!

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A fun dinner, a great topic, meeting and networking with, fun, new international people.

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Sunday 6 December 2015. 19h15: Special Guest to be announced
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