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“Dining Out in Paris – “What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light." Author Tom Reeves: An Amazon.com Best Seller. Patricia's Paris Expats Soirées Dinner Salon. Sun 16 November 2014. 19h00

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"Dining Out in Paris – What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light"

Special Guest is Tom Reeves, Longtime Paris Expatriate. Tom Reeves is the author of two books about Paris :  Paris Insights – An Anthology and  Dining Out in Paris - What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Lighand co-founder and president of Discover Paris.

Tom wrote Dining Out In Paris...so that travelers would not make the same mistakes he once made when visiting Paris.

From Tom:

"The overall mistake was assuming that French people have the same habits as Americans when it comes to eating out!

I wrote Dining Out in Paris to convey how dining culture France is different from dining culture in the United States.  I want to encourage American travelers to be open to a different dining experience than what they know at home.  For example, the fact that a waiter does not return to your table time and time again to ask if everything is O.K. does not mean that French waiters are indifferent to you.  It means that they are leaving you alone to enjoy the meal.

As a bonus, Dining Out in Paris contains reviews of twelve restaurants at which I greatly enjoyed the food, the atmosphere, and the service.  I thought that American travelers would appreciate knowing the names of a few good medium-priced restaurants that are off the tourist track where they could enjoy a fine meal."

Dining Out in Paris attained best-seller status in four Amazon.com categories –

#1 on Kindle Store in Travel Food & Lodging Dining, #1 in Dining Travel Reference,

#2 in Travel Europe France, and #3 in Travel Food, Lodging & Transportation Dining.

To learn more about the book, click here:


Get your copy here: http://amzn.to/1nkgCyu.

Fun and good insights into French culture! - Patricia

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