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UPDATE. EUROPEAN CAFE SOCIETY: HISTORY AND NOW. CREATIVITY. Paris Cafe Expert, Author. Scott Haine. Patricia’s Paris Expats Soirees Dinners. Sun 9 Feb 2014. 19h00.

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Happy Hour. Scott's Presentation. Dinner and Dessert. More Great Socializing.

Sunday 9 February 2014

19h00 - 22h30ish

Our Guest Of Honor

Scott Haine
Author. Historian Of Food And Sociability.

Scott is the author of “The Thinking Space”, (newly published by Ashgate).
His talk will focus on café life and creativity.

The Café As A Cultural Institution In Paris, Italy And Vienna

The cafe is not only a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, it is also a space - distinct from its urban environment - in which to reflect and take part in intellectual debate. Since the eighteenth century in Europe, intellectuals and artists have gathered in cafes to exchange ideas, inspirations and information that has driven the cultural agenda for Europe and the world. Without the café, would there have been a Karl Marx or a Jean-Paul Sartre?

The café as an institutional site has been the subject of renewed interest amongst scholars in the past decade, and its role in the development of art, ideas and culture has been explored in some detail. However, few have investigated the ways in which cafés create a cultural and intellectual space which brings together multiple influences and intellectual practices and shapes the urban settings of which they are a part.

Scott Haine is a San Francisco Bay Area Historian of Food and Sociability. He currently teaches at the University of Maryland University College. His previous books include the outstanding: "The World of the Paris Café: Sociability among the French Working Class, 1789-1914."

Scott's A Great Speaker! Look forward to it. - Patricia

Address: We'll confirm the exact address in the center of Paris with the reservation.

It's €25.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun dinner. Free-flowing wine.

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A fun dinner during the talk. A great topic and meeting , fun new international people

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