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UPDATE: "Congress and Wall Street: Their Real Relationship: A Political Circus...Greed...Political Parties. 'Where Plunder Has Become A Way Of Life' …A 200 Year Old Prophecy Comes True." Patricia's Paris Expats Soirees Dinner. Sun 8 Dec 2013. 19h00

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Image: From "Puck Magazine" more than 100 years ago.






" Congress and Wall Street: The Real Relationship: A Political Circus...Greed...Political Parties.’Where Plunder Has Become A Way Of Life'…A 200 Year Old Prophesy Comes True."


Happy Hour. Roy's Presentation. Dinner and Dessert. More Great Socializing.

Sunday 8 December 2013

19h00 - 22h30ish

Our Guest Of Honor

Roy Camblin
CEO, Writer, Author, Social Activist And Artist.

From Roy:

“...more than 100 years ago the political circus existed (in the late 1890s)
Congress and Wall Street, a political circus that has again become the norm today. Greed has always been a constant in politics. It takes a strong public will and a few honest politicians to keep it in check, but our political parties have become masters at deflectingthe public away from the real issues. I look forward to exploring with you what got us here (again), and what a rational path forward might look like. Thanks for the oportunity!"

About Roy:

Roy currently divides his time between San Francisco, New York, London, and Paris.
He has been a senior executive in the stock brokerage, banking, and high tech industries with pacing organizations like Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo Bank, Oracle, and Citibank.

Roy’s specialty in all these endeavors has been transformation, providing the vision and leadership at the individual, organizational, and community levels to effect major change.

Roy is a citizen of the world. His wide-ranging career has taken him all over the globe as a circus performer, instructor pilot in advanced jets, bush pilot, helicopter pilot, search and rescue mission commander, strategic war planner, stock broker, and senior business executive. He has lived or worked in Japan, Turkey, Philippines, Hawaii, Rotterdam, Dubai, Paris, London, New York and towns in the American far southwest and the Deep South. Roy has been immersed in many cultures, and has built a strong reputation as a visionary, change agent, and very effective communicator.



Address: In Our friend's spacious and charming 16th arrondisement apartment. Metro: Ranelagh (ligne 9)!

It's €24.00 (EXACT CHANGE PLEASE) for a fun dinner. Free-flowing wine. We'll confirm the address details with the reservation.


A fun dinner, a great topic and meeting , fun new international people

Another Special Event This Week:

Don’t miss
, a staged adaptation of James Ellroy’s thriller about the Kennedy era. A long-time Paris Soirées speaker, novelist Jake Lamar, worked as literary consultant on this French production. The show runs from December 9th to the 22nd at the MC93 Theater in Bobigny.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR Sunday 15 December 2013. 19h00: Special Guest To Be Confirmed. Reserve On

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