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UPDATE: "Travel With Passion: Inspiring Others To See The World". Tracey Friley: MBA. Entrepreneur. Traveler. Travel Writer. 2013 National Geographic Traveler Of The Year. Patricia's Paris Expats Soirees Dinner. Sun 10 November 2013. 19h00

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Sunday 10 November 2013

19h00 - 22h30ish

Our Guest Of Honor

Tracey Friley
MBA. Entrepreneur. Traveler. Travel Writer. 2013 National Geographic Traveler of the Year.

Tracey Friley is one of National Geographic Traveler’s 2013 Travelers of the Year for her work with The Passport Party Project, a global awareness initiative that gifts underserved American girls with their very first passports.

Tracey’s aim is to encourage girls to become responsible and responsive global citizens that travel with heart. A part-time travel writer with work on and the former American Airlines BlackAtlas, Tracey is a Francophile that hosts small groups of women travelers interested in a slice of Parisian life on an annual journey to the City of Light via her 5 year old travel company, and insists that she loved Paris long before she loved her French-American husband.

From Tracey on the Passport Party Project: “Travel is important not just for adults, but for kids in particular, because they get a chance to see for themselves that the world is bigger than their neighborhood, their state, or their country. I want kids to know that the world’s borders are meant to be crossed, that it’s cool and interesting to meet people from other countries and cultures, and that they themselves are cool and interesting too.”

Please visit :

Address: In Our friend's spacious and charming 16th arrondisement apartment. Metro: Ranelagh (ligne 9)!

It's €24.00 (EXACT CHANGE PLEASE) for a fun dinner. Free-flowing wine. We'll confirm the address details with the reservation.


A fun dinner, a great topic and meeting , fun new international people.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Sunday 17 November 2013. 19h00: "Your Life Is In The Cards."Tarot Card Reader, Interpreter, Writer HiC. Reserve On

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