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UPDATE: The Art Of Being And The Way To Show It. Creating That Great First Impression. Image Consultant Micheline Tanguy. Patricia’s Paris Expat Soirees Dinner. Sun 17 March. 19h00.

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"The Art Of Being And The Way To Show It. Creating That Great First Impression. "

Sunday 17 March
19h00 - 22h30ish


For Expats of All Origins, French and Visitors (All Ages)

day 17 March 2013
19h00 - 22h30ish

Happy Hour.
Presentation. Dinner and Dessert . More Great Socializing.

Happy Hour. Micheline's Presentation. Dinner And Dessert. More Great

Our Guest of Honor

Micheline Tanguy
Personal and Professional Image Consultant

"You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression." -McKenna

Micheline Tanguy has worked with the business industry from Singapore, Hong Kong to New York and Paris. 

After  training in London, she acquired  high level work experience as an Image Consultant which gives her an exceptional "savoir faire" in coherence of attitudes, behaviour, relational skills and self confidence -both on a personal and professional level. 

She has been working as an Image Coach for 20 years with French and Anglo-saxon companies. She has worked  with business  men and women, engineers, managers in all fields and politicians :  professionals in search of self satisfaction, improvement in their body langage, personal appearance, savoir-vivre in business and intercultural skills. She helps people to develop their charisma and "presence" and to strenghten their ability  to motivate colleagues and business partners, through seminars, conferences and individual consultations.

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Address: A COOL, exotic venue with great food in the heart of the Latin Quarter!

It's €24.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun gourmet dinner at one of our favorite, upbeat restaurants in the Latin Quarter, m° Cluny La - Sorbonne. A fun dinner and free-flowing wine. We'll confirm the exact address with the reservation.

(The first hour is Happy Hour. This is followed by general introductions and the performance with dinner at the same moment, at about 20h15 - 20h30).


MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Sunday 24 March At 19h00. Director /Producer Zach Miller presents The making of the film "Sebastien", a paranormal thriller starring Eric Roberts.

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