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UPDATE: An International Nazi Thriller Set In Paris, "Treasure of Saint-Lazare," Author John Pearce. Patricia’s Paris Expat Soirees Dinner. Sun 9 Sept. 19h

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For Expats Of All Origins. French. Visitors (All Ages).





An int'l thriller set in Paris. A priceless Raphael self-portrait never recovered along with crates of Nazi gold bullion. Vivid Descriptions of Paris.


Sunday 9 Sept 2012
19h00 - 22h30ish

Happy Hour. John's Presentation. Dinner and Dessert. More Great Socializing.

Our Guest Of Honor:

John Pearce

Eddie Grant was once a happy man. He was rich and respected, he had a beautiful wife and a handsome young son, and he was an American in Paris. But his happiness ended brutally in the very bad year of 2001, when his wife and son were murdered and his father died mysteriously in an auto crash. Since then nothing has gone right

Until 2008, when a cryptic letter from his father’s World War II colleague in Army intelligence pulls him reluctantly into a web of intrigue and death and gives him a slim chance to solve the murders. It also launches him on a dangerous search for the most valuable piece of Nazi loot that remains missing, a famous Raphael self-portrait and crates of Nazi gold bullion that accompanied it.


John was an AP reporter early in his career, first covering the civil rights movement in Jackson, Miss., and then economics and finance in Washington. He and his wife Jan (who was a Washington Post reporter when we met) moved to Germany, where they wrote on business and finance in the German-speaking world for the IHT.They later went in business, eventually sold their business in Sarasota, FL, and retired a bit early. They spend two months or so in Paris each year where John does research for a series of novels.

From Patricia: For lovers of Paris, a dream of a novel.

Address: A COOL, exotic venue with great food in the heart of the Latin Quarter!

It's €24.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun gourmet dinner at one of our favorite, upbeat restaurants in the Latin Quarter, m° Cluny La - Sorbonne. Free-flowing wine. We'll confirm the address with the reservation.

Dinner, a great topic and meeting , fun new international people.

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Sun 15 September At 19h00. Special Guest To Be Confirmed. Reserve on

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