Saturday, March 24, 2012

UPDATE:: THE SUN,THE MOON AND THE STARS. Very Exciting, Hot Vocalist: Florent Mateo: Live Music. Jazz. World Music. (New Location)

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Looking For Ongoing Soiree Locations.


For Expats Of All Origins. French. Visitors (All Ages).

THE SUN,THE MOON AND THE STARS. Florent Mateo: Live Music. Jazz. World Music. Chanson Française and Much More.

Sunday 25 March 2012

18h00 - 22h00 (New Time) (France Time change - set your clock for one hour later)

Happy Hour. Florent's Performance. Dinner and Dessert. More Great Socializing.

Our Guest Of Honor:

Florent Mateo

Arranger. Writer. Singer

About Florent:

Florent acts as arranger, writer and singer in several bands and works with visual artists.

This year he was a finalist at the MONTREUX Shure Jazz Voice competition, he founded the Group crazy (again DANCE tubes of 90 years in jazz) "3SOMESISTERS", and formed his experimental music project electro-folktronika "FluOcarré"

Florent is "grand écart facial musical". I couldn't translate so I'm just putting what was written.

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He's a tremendous vocalist! - Patricia

(ADDRESS THIS WEEK): In our friends' large, beautiful and fun Artists' Atelier (m° Bonne Nouvelle (Ligne 9)/ Strasbourg St. Denis (Ligne 4 - if you exit here, then you walk some from SSD.)

It's at 30 rue du Faubourg Poissoniere, 75010 Paris. (The beginning of the street is across the street from the REX Theatre and there's the McDonalds on the other side of the street. The beginning of the street is right next to the McDonalds)

It a bit complicated once you enter, so let me give you all the details now and we'll send you the code and the name on the intercom with the reservation. We'll confirm the details of the address with the reservation. Once you get inside the gate at n° 30, there's a big courtyard - still about a 5 minute walk. Please allow time for that

Exact Directions:

It's 30 rue du Faubourg Poissoniere, 75010 Paris, m° Bonne Nouvelle. It's the street just across from the REX cinema and right next to the McDonalds.

Walk to n° 30. There the code is ... . When you enter you are facing a very large building a minute away.Walk to that building. .(Face) When you are facing the large building, make a short left. After about 30 seconds, make a right (there are trash containers) and keep walking straight a minute to the end of the passage where you are facing a red wall. There are some stairs on the right at the RED WALL. Go down the stairs and on the left (face) is the entrance to building J

There's an intercom and you buzz ... You'll get buzzed in.

Enter. Stairs and it's the second French floor - the first door (60).

It's €22.00 (EXACT CHANGE) and a bottle of wine a person. For a fun dinner. Patricia's fusion cuisine.

€22.00 includes a great dinner, a fun topic and meeting fun, new international people.

Reserve on (0)6 43 79 35 18. IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE A RESPONSE TO YOUR EMAIL. PLEASE CALL US. (We are having telephone problems) NO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE. You can email us until 15h00 Sunday.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Sunday 1 April. Special Guest to be announced. Reserve on or 33 (0) 6 43 79 35 18. No Text Messages Please.

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