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UPDATE.MICHELE BARBIER: Paris, French Chanson. Michèle's Own Creations. Organist Patrick Pernet. Patricia's Paris Expats Soirees. Sun 26 Feb. 18h00!

NEW TIME! It's at 18h00!

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For Expats Of All Origins. French. Visitors (All Ages).

Note: Michéle will be accompanied by Patrick Pernet on the organ. Patrick is a very well-known arranger, conducts singing workshops and is in many shows:

le 28 février à 21.00: FERVEURS, avec Michèle Barbier Théâtre l'Aire Falguière, 55 rue de la Procession, Paris 15°

Le 3 mars à 20.00: FERVEURS, L'Echelle à Coulisses, 16 rue Tolbiac, Paris 13° (Première partie: scène ouverte. Deuxième partie, spectacle)

Sunday 26 February 2012

Happy Hour. Michele's Performance. Dinner and Dessert. More Great Socializing.

Our Guest Of Honor:

Michéle Barbier
Chanteuse (Vocalist)

Patrick Pernet
Musician. Composeur. Arranger.

Paris, French Chanson (Some Songs Inspired By Josephine Baker). Michéle's own special creations. Michèle is also an award winning author

Michèle Barbier was born in Algeria and came to France in 1962. She studied in France and Sweden, and while teaching in Sweden, met Josephine Baker and became her personal secretary. She became a singer, actress and wrote plays performed between 1973 and 1978 - then performed again starting in 2009.

Michèle was hired as a presenter for Circus Schreiber (Swedish) in 1974 and with Adolph Lauenburger, a German animal trainer, directed Cirque Aréna (1976- 1981). (Lauenburger created the Festival Carolingen de St Philbert de Grandlieu in 1978. She subsequently worked for France 2 with Bernard Langlois (émission Résistances).

In 1984 she created the Gala de la Press in which journalists and presenters from all fields prepared a circus show, modeled after the l'Union des Artistes and Gala des Grands Ecoles, to render a festive homage to different humanitarian causes each year, attracting viewers attention to their activities. Many important charitable organizations benefited. Michèlè has written several books and plays and received several awards. Her latest novel is "the circus" (Editions Riveneuvre), released in January 2011.

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Patrick Pernet:

Address: A COOL, exotic venue with great food in the heart of the Latin Quarter!

It's €24.00 (EXACT CHANGE) for a fun gourmet dinner at our favorite, upbeat restaurant in the Latin Quarter, m° Cluny La - Sorbonne. A fun gourmet dinner and free-flowing wine. We'll confirm the address with the reservation.

Reserve on (0)6 43 79 35 18. IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE A RESPONSE TO YOUR EMAIL. PLEASE CALL US. (Sometimes we have email problems) NO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Sunday 4 March: Violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins, her upcoming Paris Concert and the "Music Kitchen Project". Reserve on 33 (0) 6 43 79 35 18. No Text Messages Please.

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