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AN EVENING WITH A DIFFERENCE... Two Multicultural Celebrities From India And Pakistan: Filmmaker Aslam Ansari. Advertising CEO, Singer, Composer Subas

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Photo: Aslam Ansari and Actresses from his Film:

"An Italian Conflict"

Sunday 18 September 2011

19h15 - 23h00ish

Happy Hour. Aslam and Subash's Presentations. Subash's Songs. Dinner and Dessert. More Great


Our Guests of Honor:

Aslam Ansari

Subash David

Graphic Artist, Singer/Composer
Advertising CEO

"Two Multicultural Celebrities From India And Pakistan"

Subash David, graphic artist, singer, composer is the owner of the Paris advertising agency "INCREA", twice awarded best advertising agency for cover design. Subash is originally from India. Subash is a longtime friend of filmmaker Aslam Ansari, who is originally from Pakistan. So from a cultural and creative prism, they make a friendship flag and a fine blend of India & Pakistan's culture - in this age of conflicts and confusion.


From Aslam - on film:

I have chosen film as a medium to express complex ideas. Ideas are more important to me, and film is a medium. Aslam Ansari's new film project in development is titled "What's Wrong My Dear Brother?", a satire with an "avant-garde action"...

It's protagonist's motto: "No guns, no revolver, just poetry and music - that's my tool box".

He is tracking down some well-placed high-calibre persons who are engaged in international corruption for enormous amounts estimated to be many billion dollars each year.

The film's opening line: "In a world where everyone is chasing money, he is chasing the money-chasers."

Subash and Aslam will share their insights into cross fertilization among eastern and western cultures particularly in the arts, cinema and creative business.

Despite the conflictual geopolitics in the area that grab the news,
hear about the fascinating things ( in the arts and business scene)
coming out of the increasingly dynamic Subcontinent
from the real people that make them happen.

Subash will sing some of his own compositions.

It'll be fun and we'll learn a lot. - Patricia

Address: (This month's gourmet venue.) A COOL, exotic venue with great food in the heart of the Latin Quarter!

It's €24.00 (EXACT CHANGE)* for a fun gourmet dinner at our favorite, upbeat restaurant in the Latin Quarter, m° Cluny La - Sorbonne. Our dinner: an aperitif, vegetarian appetizers, a vegetarian course, a meat course, dessert and wine. Wow! All of that. We'll confirm the address with the reservation.

Reserve on (06) 43 79 35 18. IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE A RESPONSE TO YOUR EMAIL. PLEASE CALL US. (Sometimes we have email problems) NO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Sunday 25 September: Special Guest is vocalist Claudia Hommel who will present: "By the Riverbank: The Jazz Fauré Theatre Project". She's GREAT! Reserve on 33 (0) 6 43 79 35 18. No Text Messages Please.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Sunday 2 October - celebrating Patricia's Birthday (Actually October 1st)

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