Friday, February 25, 2011

A NEW EGYPT INSPIRED BY TURKEY? LOVE STATE AND PASSION.Patricia's Paris Expat Soirees Dinner. Sun 27 Feb. 19h15

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For Expats of All Origins. French. Visitors.

Sunday 20 February 2011

19h15 - 23h00ish

Happy Hour. Sebastian's Music. Jim's Presentation. Dinner and Dessert. More Great Socializing.

Our Guests of Honor:

James Ounsworth

Attorney, Venture Capitalist, World Traveller

Sebastian, Singer Guitarist

Turkish Music

Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and several other Middle Eastern countries are in the throes of revolution. The West looks on with hope and apprehension. Hope that democracy can evolve and relieve the pain and suffering of so many people living in those regions; apprehension that economies will collapse, making life worse and having a major affect on western economies

About 100 years ago a revolution in Turkey took place against a corrupt and oppressive government. The revolution was led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. As Le Monde recently editorialized and questioned: “Un ‘modele turc' pour les revolutions arabes?”

Jim Ounsworth, who has studied Ataturk, will lead a discussion of recent Turkish history and some of the problems presently in the Middle East.


It's €20.00 at the door. Reservations with your telephone number (Thanks!) on or telephone 33 6 43 79 35 18. (Sundays telephone only. If you emailed me but didn't hear back, please call.)

GREAT FOOD! Fusion cuisine. Lot's of vegetables. Free flowing wine

Our friends' large and FUN private residence in the heart of the LATIN QUARTER . Metro: St Michel. Details with reservations.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Sunday 6 March. Musical Group Seb and Gin. Pop. French Pop and their own compositions. Songs, Guitar, Cello. Amazing how talented and original they are. Reserve as usual on (With your telephone number. Thanks ) or 33 (0) 6 43 79 35 18.


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