Saturday, June 05, 2010

Singer Carol Fredericks. Music. Legacy. Connie Fredericks Malone. Patricia's Paris Expats Soirees Dinner. Sun 6 June. 19h00

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For Expats of all origins, French and Visitors. (All Ages)


Sunday 6 June at 19h00. In the Latin Quarter. m° St Michel (Details with reservation)

Our Special Guest will be:


Sister of the late celebrated Parisian chanteuse CAROL FREDERICKS

Connie's mission is to promote the musical legacy of chanteuse Carol Frederick.

Please visit:

Carole D. Fredericks Foundation, Inc.

CDF Muisc Legacy, LLC

Carole Fredericks Wikipedia page

In addition to presenting Carol's musical legacy, Connie will show how she has used Carol's music as a tool to teach the French language in the US. Original. You'll learn a lot and enjoy it!

Hope to see you then! Patrcia

It's €20.00 at the door. Reservations with your telephone number (Thanks!) on or telephone 33 6 43 79 35 18. (Sundays telephone only. If you emailed me but didn't hear back, please call.) Thanks for exact change and if you have ANY card or brochure, please bring one.

Fusion cuisine (lots of vegetables).

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Sunday 13 June with author Mark Morrison-Reed: " IN BETWEEN: Memoir of An Integration Baby" Learn about the history of the US Civil Rights Movement. What it accomplished. Aftermath. Reserve as usual on ( with your telephone number) on 33 (0) 6 43 79 35 18.


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