Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Patricia's Summer Night Cocktail. THURSDAY 7 August. 19h00. BEING SINGLE IN PARIS


Mark Your Calendar



Thurs 7 August At 19h00 (THIS WEEK ON THURSDAY)

Special Guest: YOU! Share Experiences About Being Single In Paris

PATRICIA'S SUMMER NIGHT COCKTAIL ON THURS 7 AUGUST (This week on THURSDAY) Cocktail. Discussion. Plat de Jour. THIS IS THE NOTICE. EUR 15.00 (exact change) + a card.

THURS 7 August At 19h00: Patricia's Summer Night Cocktail: SPECIAL GUEST: YOU. SHARE EXPERIENCES ABOUT BEING SINGLE IN PARIS. WHO KNOWS: BY THE END OF THE EVENING, YOU MIGHT NOT BE SINGLE ANYMORE. EUR 15.00 in exact change. Please bring a card if you have one. OK if you don't). Reservations with your telephone number please:

WEDS 13 August At 19h00: Patricia's Summer Night Cocktail (On WEDS): KESIENA: Vocalist. Songwriter. EUR 15.00. Reservations with your telephone number please:

THIS SUNDAY 10 AUGUST (Full Notice to Follow)

Sun 3 August. 19h00. Paris Soirees: Paris Expat Dinner Chez Patricia: PICASSO'S PARIS: Cubism. Les Trois Desmoiselles d'Avignon. Charles Ashe. Art Collector and Expert. Reservations with your telephone number please: 01 43 26 12 88


Saturdays 16 August and 30 August at 14h00 :Acupressure Auto Massage Workshop presented by Earl Ferguson, Motion and Fitness Coach . Practitioner of Chinese Medicine

2pm until 5pm

"Vibrant energy and good health at the tips of your fingers"

Learn how to regenerate, circulate and maintain your level of energy and awareness through meridian self-massage and following medicinal principles evoked from the Su Wen, the world's first documents on traditional Chinese medicine.

Earl Ferguson is a gymnastics and motion fitness coach for more than 30 years, studying and practicing traditional chinese medicine for over 12 years.

Participation = EUR 30€ ( for 3 intense hours)

Reservations: 01 43 26 12 88/

13 rue de Mulhouse, 75002 Paris, M° Sentier (Ligne 3). Email for directions and code or 01 43 26 12 88. Address and map on http://www.parissoirees;com/

All the best, Patricia

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