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Paris Soirees Dinners Chez Patricia. Chinese Medicine Techniques. Earl Ferguson. Sun 4 Nov At 18h45

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This Sunday 4 November At 18h45

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  • Our Guest of Honor:

Earl Ferguson
Motion Fitness Coach (Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness)

"Continuing To Feel Your Best: Using Chinese Medicine Techniques " Some Simple Tips. Auto-Massage Workshop Saturday 10 November. Complete Information below.

I had talked with Earl Ferguson about Chinese Traditional Medicine and ways to apply it to my daily life. He showed me some simple techniques that, right away, increased my energy and, IMPORTANTLY, relieved stress and anxiety. After attending the first workshop and regularly practicing the exercises that he taught me, I continued to experience an increased sense of well-being.. Earl will again briefly share some information (and techniques) and the philosophy behind them, in a simple way, that will help us all to work towards feeling better and enjoying life more. In order to really learn the techniques well, it requires working with Earl or attending the workshops.

Earl Ferguson, an Afro-American from New York City, has been a gymnastics and motion fitness coach for more than 27 years. He has lived in Paris for 25 years and has been featured in such publications as VSD, Vital, Karaté, Paris Match and Liaison Social. In so doing, we develop and foster our capacity to become more receptive to the life surrounding us. Earl is an avid student of Chinese Traditional Medicine. To contact Earl Ferguson: Tel: 06 88 84 96 39

You'll learn a lot and you'll leave feeling great!- Patricia

Sat 10 November Auto-Massage Workshop presented by Earl Ferguson,

Motion and Fitness Coach, Practitioner of Chinese Medicine

Saturday Afternoon Auto-Massage Workshop
Saturday, November 10th, 2007
2pm until 5pm

Auto-Massage Afternoons
Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshops

"Vibrant energy and good health at the tips of your fingers"

Learn how to regenerate, circulate and maintain your level of energy and
awareness through meridian auto-massages and following medicinal
principles evoked from the Su Wen,
the world's first documents on traditional chinese medicine.

Practice simple auto-massage techniques in order to raise your mental consciousness,
increase your physical capacities, as well as attain and maintain a healthier well being.

Experience the energy which circulates throughout your entire body and mind.
Use it to realign the articulations of your vertebral column.
Capture and grasp the cosmic particles and forces within your body, mind and soul.
Exercise your energies and motions to obtain a more balanced life,
as you create a better future.

These Afternoon Workshops will be presented by Earl Ferguson,
a gymnastics and motion fitness coach for more than 30 years,
studying and practicing traditional chinese medicine for over 12 years.

Participation = 30€

Wear supple, relaxed clothing and bring a small hand towel. Notebooks are welcome, if you wish to write down the exercise program and auto-massage sequences.

Reservations are necessary:
Paris Soirees
13, rue Mulhouse, 75002 Paris (m° Sentier)
Telephone: 01 43 26 12 88
e-mail: (map on website under directions)

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