Thursday, October 04, 2007

Paris Networking Cocktail Chez Patricia: SELLING: . Selling Your Ideas. Selling Your Services. Selling Yourself."


Please include your telephone number with your reservation!

The Ultimate Social Networking Opportunity. Great Food And Wine. Conviviality. Speaker After the Cocktail. You Always Meet New And Interesting People!


Weds 3 October At 18h45.
Our Guest Of Honor:

Veronique Bessonat
Business Training Consultant
"SELLING: Selling Your Ideas. Selling Your Services. Selling Yourself."

Veronique Bessonat
began a career in sales in 1983, after studies at the Sorbonne in Economics, and has never stopped. She found sales to be the perfect way to sharpen her own business tools while teaching others to succeed. Helping others to succeed has always been one of her goals.
She has created seven portfolios of customers in the fields of banking, investments, commercial training and advertising.

From Veronique:

Companies: Usually I ask the manager how much turnover he expects after the training. We discuss the possibilities to get it. Then, I present a plan, saying that the budget must be “covered” at least 3 times by the new margin. It works. Recently, I had to make 10% more turnover in two months. We had 15% more in one month.

I ask: how much you want to earn with your activity. And we discuss the steps to get there, and how we can make it, taking into account their personality, customers, competitors and services. And this works too, mostly because people feel that I really back them up. They feel that I want them to succeed.

Contact Patricia for Reservations WITH YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER PLEASE: Participation: 15 Euros. Great food and wine.

Weds 10 October PNC: Cate Stetson - Native American Attorney Collector of Native American Art. One of the most important private collections of Native American Art in the US: "Native American Struggles in Court and on Canvas".


7 Oct at 18h45: Special Guest to be announced. Reservations:

Wednesday 3 October At 18h30 . Paris Soirees: PARIS SINGLES APERITIF . 15 Euros. Wine, Canapes, Appetizers. Great socializing. Reserve with Patricia WITH YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER PLEASE: 43 26 12 88

Sat 6 October 14h00 - 17h00: Special Event: Auto-Massage Afternoon: Traditional Chinese Medecine Workshop presented by Earl Ferguson, a gymnastics and motion fitness coach for more than 30 years, studying and practicing traditional chinese medecine for over 12 years. 30 Euros. Reserve at

Patricia's profiles:

Patricia writes on being an Expat :
"... As the years went by, I also realized that the feeling of being foreign and other, transcends even race. You are not part of their (French) culture. It doesn't matter who you are or of what origin you are. You're either French (in your head and behavior), or not. When I began to see that, I began to identify myself as an expat. The sum of being an American who lives in Paris, an African-American trying to find roots here, minus not being French - but seeing life internationally - on a large scale and permanently, equals my personal experience of being an expat."

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