Friday, November 10, 2006

OUR LADY. An Erotic Novel By Dale Gershwin. Paris Soirees Dinner Sunday 12 November At 18h30

Paris Soirees Has A New Address! Patricia is so happy to have such a large apartment that’s full of light for Paris Soirees. The New Flat Is In The Hip Sentier District - Just Up From Les Halles And The Historic, Bustling Rue Montorgueil MarketArea. Directions Are Below.


This Sunday 12 November At 18h30

Our Guest of Honor:

Dale Gershwin: Author

Our Lady, An Erotic Novel

Set in Paris and Singapore (home of the Seven Deadly Goldfish), animated by a twist magnetizing set of off-beat characters, spiked with surprises and dizzying twists up to its very last word, Our Lady is a blend of The Perils of Pauline (crime!) adventure! suspense!), Basic Instinct (sex!). A Moveable Feast (romantic Paris!) and Marathon Man (running for your life!)

Our Lady thrusts us into a world of international crime- sex – philosophy where almost no one and nothing are what they originally seem: friends turn out to be enemies turn out to be friends, men – women, pawns – perpetrators, servants – masters. As we switch countries, continents and cultures in rapid succession, we discover who knew what before the other guy, who is not a guy at all!In the shadow of Paris’s renowned Notre Dame Cathedral (Our Lady). Leslie Brittain, a 33 year-old American PR consultant living in the French capital is targeted as an unknowing pawn in a case and drug-drenched plan, masterminded by the Police Commissioner himself, to blow up the Cathedral. Can her machine-gun mind, daring spirit and smart-ass mouth save the day?

Our Lady moves past Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Maria Callas, Balzac, Chopin and the grave of Jim Morrison in Père Lachaise cemetery to the Hemingway bust at the Ritz Hotel bar…

“Who is Gershwin anyway, and how come no one has heard of her before?”
Mozaic Book Publishers. A David Applefield Book.

ADDRESS:Chez Patricia: 13 rue de Mulhouse, 75002 Paris. Metro: Sentier (line 3). Take the rue des Petits Carreaux exit (very important). Cross rue Reamur. The street on the left should be rue des Petits Carreaux. Walk 2 blocks up on rue des Petits Carreaux. You’ll face an HSBC branch . (There’s Café Honoré on the right). That’s rue de Clery. Make a short left (30 seconds) onto rue de Clery and then immediately a right onto rue de Mulhouse.

PARTICIPATION:20 Euros. Thanks for having exact change in an envelope with your name outside. Please include your card. GREAT FOOD! International Cuisine. (Southern US, French or other European. Thai. lovingly prepared as always by Patricia)

CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS ARE NECESSARY.If you don’t receive an email confirmation by Sunday, please call Patricia: 01 43 26 12 88E-mail:

Looking forward to seeing you for an action packed Sunday! Patricia


Soirees Dinners Every Sunday At 18h30.
Sunday 19 November At 18h30: Jeane Freer: “Six Easy Ways to Increase the Spiritual Energy In Your Life”


Unsurpassed Networking opportunities. Socializing. Great food and wine. Contact Patricia

Wednesday 8 November At 18h30: Patricia Gallot-Lavallée, Web architect: “Designing The Perfect Web Page That Does It All For You”.

Wdnesday 15 November At 18h30: Writer Patricia Westheimer: “How To Write For Business”
Wednesday 22 November At 18h30, "Anne Cossé

Patricia is proud to have a 21st Century Parisian Salon. Our mission is to simply enlarge your circle of acquaintances in a safe and stimulating atmosphere while promoting Cultural Achievement, The New Age and Paris Personalities. And we have fun! We are THE gathering place for the Upwardwardly Mobile And Creative International Community of Paris.Great People Who Are Doing Interesting things. People. Enjoy! Discuss! Meet new and interesting people.

(Patricia Laplante-Collins created Paris Soirees Dinners on Sunday and Paris Networking Cocktail events on Wednesday to bring Americans in Paris together with Ex-pats, hip French and the International Community in a global meet-up. Evenings feature Literary, Art, New Age, Business, African-American and Black Paris themes presented in English. There is an intimate salon atmosphere and the focus is on meeting people in Paris and creating friendships. Patricia is also the founder of African- American Literary Soirees.)

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