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JAZZ AND THE FRENCH CONNECTION. Patricia Myers. International Jazz Critic Paris Soirees Dinner Sunday 23 July At 18h30


This Sunday 23 July At 18h30

Our Guest of Honor:

Patricia Myers
International Jazz Critic


If not for Paris and the French, jazz might have disappeared after World War II. That is the belief of Patricia Myers, an international jazz critic who will speak to Paris Soirees about Jazz and the French Connection on Sunday, July 23.

Jazz was loved by the French in the 1920s, when Josephine Baker first brought her danse primitive to Paris. New Orleans saxophonist Sidney Bechet came next, followed in the 1930s by pianist Bud Powell and saxophonists Johnny: “The Little Giant” Griffin, Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins. In Paris, they found escape from punitive Jim Crow laws in the United States. Here they were accepted, without regard to their color, for their musicianship. Jazz was revered in Europe as a symbol and expression of freedom.

But American jazz was controversial, too. It was rejected by nationalists who believed the imported music was corrupting the purity of French artistry. But even amid the xenophobia of the times, many French musicians illustrated the more flexible and open aspect of the French culture by performing jazz. Her talk will trace the Paris jazz movement through the clubs and musicians, with excerpts from significant jazz albums related to Paris.

Patricia Myers has had a 30-year journalistic career as a reporter and editor for newspapers and magazines, writing about the international jazz scene since 1993. Her interest in both jazz and Paris began when she saw the film,:An American in Paris. She began listening to and writing about jazz in the 1970s, and first came to Paris in 1992.

Currently a free-lance writer for national and international publications and webzines, she specializes in articles about travel, food and entertainment, especially jazz. She currently writes for, AZJazz magazine and Jazz Notes. She has been published in Jazz Times, American Rag, Mississippi Rag and World Jazz Network. She spends each summer in Paris, and has been a Paris Soirees guest twice before, speaking about jazz luminaries in 2004 and aphrodisiacs in 2005

Chez Patricia: 14 rue St Louis en l'Ile, 75004 Paris. Metros are Sully-Morland and Pont-Marie.

20 Euros. Thanks for having exact change in an envelope with your name outside. Please include your card.

GREAT FOOD! International Cuisine. (Southern US, French or other European. Thai. . prepared as always by Patricia)

If you don’t receive an email confirmation by Sunday, please call Patricia: 01 43 26 12 88

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! Patricia


Paris Soirees Dinners Every Sunday At 18h30.

Every Wednesday at 18h30: PARIS NETWORKING COCKTAIL
Unsurpassed Networking opportunities. Socializing. Great food and wine. Contact Patricia

Weds 2 August: Shari Segall, President of Foreign Affairs Ltd: “French-Anglo Saxon Cultural Diffrences.”

Patricia is proud to have a 21st Century Parisian Salon. Our mission is to simply enlarge your circle of acquaintances in a safe and stimulating atmosphere while promoting Cultural Achievement, The New Age and Paris Personalities. And we have fun! We are THE gathering place for the International Community of Paris. Enjoy! Discuss! Meet new and interesting people.

(Patricia Laplante-Collins created Paris Soirees Dinners on Sunday and Paris Networking Cocktail events on Wednesday on the Ile St Louis to bring Americans in Paris together with Ex-pats, hip French and the International Community in a global meet-up. Evenings feature Literary, Art, New Age, Business, African-American and Black Paris themes presented in English. There is an intimate salon atmosphere and the focus is on meeting people in Paris and creating friendships. Patricia is also the founder of African American Literary Soirees.)

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