Thursday, March 16, 2006

Leah Chase, Sultry New Orleans Vocalist, Sunday 19 March at 18h30,


Sunday 19 March at 18h30 ( Happy Hour is at 18h30. Then Dinner.
Then the Talk.)

Our guest of honor will be:

Leah Chase
New Orleans Vocalist

Sultry New Orleans Jazz Vocalist Leah Chase Shares All: Reminisces.
Stories, Anecdotes

Describing the Leah style on her CD: AT LAST : Her deliberate,
silky-smooth rendition adds new flavor to the old school classic, while
inspiring listeners to push the replay button.

Her artistry is sensual and soul stirring. Leah is a versatile singer,
who makes a smooth transition from jazz-laden love songs such as Love
Me Again to the up tempo In This Town. She wants the audience to feel as
if they have actually lived the song along with her. A very
visual performer, Leah quickly establishes a warm rapport with her
audience. She exudes latent but smouldering sensuality that is comfortably
blended with an excellent comedic sense.

A second-generation musician, Leah is the daughter of famous New
Orleans restauranteurs Dooky Chase, Jr. and Leah Chase. Her Father, Dooky,
once led a big band in New Orleans which also performed abroad. Her
maternal namesake, Leah Sr., is an engaging dynamo of activity and chief
chef at Dooky ChaseĆ¢€™s Restaurant. Her father Edgar (Dooky) Chase was
the leader of the Reminisces Dooky Chase Orchestra and the sound of his
trumpet filled their New Orleans home.

Leah Chase graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans with a
degree in Vocal Performance. She completed one year of graduate study at
The Juilliard School in New York, before leaving to pursue her true love Jazz.

She is currently an Adjunct Faculty Member at the University of New
Orleans in the Jazz Studies Division.

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Tom J. Byrne said...

Had a really good time last week and am really looing forward to Sunday's soiree.